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When you live in Albuquerque, this time of year you see balloons everywhere, including outside your windshield. (No, I was not the driver.)

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is celebrating its fortieth year this week. We took out of town guests to see the fanfare at a Balloon Glow. It is always a treat.

Not a picture you can snap just anywhere.

Firing up.

While you are here checking out the balloons, make sure you learn how to win the $75 SEARS GIFT CARD that For Your Windows is giving away

Check out the details!

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Way back when, at the beginning of 2011, I had the privilege of guest blogging for the SEARS hometown blog. They rewarded me with a $75 gift certificate that is waiting patiently to be won by one of my blog subscribers. (I was tempted, but I did not spend it.)

Not without strings attached, however. But they are short strings!

Here is what you need to do for your name to be in our $75 SEARS GIVEAWAY.

1) Subscribe to the ForYourWindows blog (it’s free and you are here anyway) And, be sure you confirm your subscription when you get the email to do so!

2) LIKE the ForYourWindows fan page

3) Comment here on the blog about how you will spend the $75

   I told you they were short strings!

The giveaway will take place Friday, October 21, 2011.


We really did start the kitchen makeover. Not done yet.




Hooray! The For Your Windows Fan Page reached over 200 fans. In celebration, For Your Windows, is giving away a $30 OFFICE DEPOT gift card.

After a random drawing, we have a winner!

Drum roll please.

Congratulations goes to Mary Rafferty. She owns a neat restaurant called Raff’s Cafe in Haverhill, Massachusetts. I bet she can always use some pens, etc.

Thanks everyone for your support. Look on the fan page and here at the blog soon for a new giveaway. It’s a good one. 

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We may not shower him with praise
Nor mention his name in song,
And sometimes it seems that we forget
The joy he spreads as he goes along,
But it doesn’t mean that we don’t know
The wonderful role that he has had.
And away down deep in every heart
There’s a place that is just for Dad…..

Author Unknown

My Dad has been gone for 10 years now. I sure wish he was still here to hug.

If yours is, give him one for me too. In the meantime I will celebrate with other Dads who are important in my life. Put down your squeegees or whatever tool of the trade you use, and enjoy your day. We won’t be requesting the windows be cleaned today.

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I always take advantage of  a window of opportunity to comment on anything that hints of “windows to the soul.”

This weekend, I hope we all remember why it is a holiday weekend, especially since it most likely is not a  holiday for our troops out there risking their lives.

Of course I want to display Frank’s Flag first.

Uncle Frank died this year, but I want to mention he served our country when he was a young man. His brother, who was also my husband’s father, fought in WWII and lost his life in the Battle of the Bulge.  He was hardly more than a teenager himself at the time, and he never really knew his son who was just a toddler then.

 Douglas Dieckman

Fast forward to present time, about 60 years later. I recently got back in communication with my friend Chris from my teenage years. Not sure how she managed to live through it, but in 2006 her son Richard was killed in action.  It feels right to honor him as well.

Richard Henkes II

These two young men are only a representation of many who risk their lives, or even lose them.

Join me in gratitude this weekend.




Hopefully, you are ready for Mother’s Day, and you bought your Mom some window cleaning. I wanted to mention windows at least once, although it is my blog and I suppose I get to highlight whatever I want.  

In that case, I will keep it short. Wherever your Mom is, tell her you love her.  Be grateful if you still get to spend time with her. 




I was relieved this morning to hear that people I know in Alabama are okay. My friends, Randy and Craig, live there.  Randy hosts GoWallyInternetWeather listed in my blogroll. I guess he might have some topics to discuss. The only thing that comes to mind this morning is “how can I help.”   Outside my windows this morning, it is calm and pleasant, so I am very grateful.

Choose a place to deposit a random act of kindness today. We are not lacking choices right now. And remember to be grateful if it is peaceful outside your windows.

If the Alabama situation is your choice, visit this site to help out.

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My title probably sounds like a weather report. By the way, outside my windows, it is blue, sunny and 53 degrees here in New Mexico today. If you frequent my blog, you saw that my last post had to do with Sears and the concept of DIY. I entered their guest blog opportunity this month and they chose my post to be on their site. Best part is I get a $75 Sears Gift Card to award to someone soon. Sounds like a fun little shopping spree!

For Your Windows has a fan page on Facebook. For those of you who are on FB please suggest our page to all your FB friends. We are only about 25 away from our 200 fan goal. As soon as we hit it we will give away a $30 Office Depot Gift Card, and then we will start a run for the Sears Card. Guess that all means it might be worth your while to become a member if you are not and to suggest to your friends if you are.  That’s the forecast part.

The recap is pretty simple. First, I want to thank all my blog subscribers and readers. I have been talking about windows and glass for almost a year now. I have learned a lot about those subjects as well as blogging in general. It has been fun!

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Today is Sunday, and it is a perfect day to open up your windows. Oh, I know it is maybe cold right now where you are, but I am not talking about glass windows or even windows on your computer. Every once in a while, I like to remind myself and others to open up the windows to our souls.

I received an email this morning from fellow in South Africa who has an online magazine that reminds us of who were are. I was honored that he put one of my articles on his site. It is called Yaakuni.  Yaakuni is the Mayan word for Love. Make sure you visit their fan page if you are on Facebook, and the website as well.

I love making new friends online, it makes the world seem smaller for sure, especially when they are in another country. It also helps me remember how we are really all the same, part of an indescribable  and absolute Oneness.

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My blog title is not catchy today, but it is sincere.

I hope your windows are clean, dressed up as you like and maybe even decorated.

Most of all I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Please enjoy this great video my daughter, Kelly, created from pictures she took at the River of Lights here in Albuquerque. Make sure you have volume too.