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Sometimes we just need to know the deals. And, it’s up to me to keep you posted.   Site wide sale 20% off   FREE SHIPPING ON ORDER OVER $50

                             decor for the patio and indoors – FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49   fall planting ideas – up to 60% OFF  OVERSTOCK SPECIAL – Frosted Glass Film from $15.98  Graber Blinds 25 % off Sale – FREE SHIPPING ( up to 94″ wide)     20% off your first order – FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25

And, if you want to have clean windows, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!

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Window Framing Art

Just sharing some fun for the weekend. We decided to visit the new location for a popular, local burger joint – oh ,they do serve steaks and chicken too – called The Grill.  Not a bad burger for sure. We really enjoyed the nostalgic decor as well. The wall next to our table displayed a lot of art work. I wanted to highlight this one because I like the idea a lot.


           Taos, NM

     by Kiko Sanchez

I think a window frame makes a pretty cool picture frame.

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Hanging Outside My Windows

Self Watering Hanging Basket

I love hanging flower baskets on the porch or patio. What I don’t like is when I forget to water them. I have never planted my own, but I do see that in my near future! Now I just have to figure out what gorgeous specimens I am going to plant. has these wonderful self watering planters made from shatter-resistant polypropylene in a variety of colors. Each planter holds 8 quarts of potting soil. Your watering chores are minimal because of a dual-action wick system that taps from a 1 quart reservoir. There is a refill hole at the bottom to make the refill process easy as well. Oh, and the 18″ hanging cord is included!

Pretty sure I need at least 3 of these, and that means 5 per cent off! And,any order over $49 qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!

What pretty flowers will you use?

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Windows for Your Eyes




Blocking out the sun’s glare is almost as old as the sun itself.  From using a flat object with slits to thin tinted quartz, or even jewels, has been documented in history. Early versions of sunglasses were also used to cover up the eyes for protection or anonymity. In the 1920’s, Sam Foster found a prime market on the beaches in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Both for protection and fashion, sunglasses became very popular. Now, not many of us survive without them. You can buy them with prescription lenses, to wear over your normal glasses or just for fun. Even if you love to buy a top brand pair, having extras or substitutes is a great idea.

     Cape Cod

Sunglass Warehouse is definitely fun! When we are outside the windows, and in the bright sunshine we need protection and fashion. Their prices are so affordable you can have a pair handy anywhere. Right now, they have many styles for under $20, and a code to use to get 15 % off your order. You will be amazed at the wide selection, and the options for protection and style.

Protect those windows for your eyes, and have fun too.


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Taking My Green Thumb Outside the Windows

I love those Irises. Inside my windows, I am fortunate to have a green thumb!  But when it comes to what to do outside, that thumb loses its power. What’s with that? It just shouldn’t be that difficult. Some people have no problem, like my favorite brother-in-law, Ed. This picture was taken after his flowers survived a hail storm!

I was amazed to discover how helpful BloomingBulb can be to solve my dilemma. Besides finding the bulbs you want, you can learn where to plant what, and when. We are smack dab in the middle of spring and it is not too late to do some spring planting. Their bulbs are up to 75% off. You will find great tools to show you when to plant depending on where you live. They decided to invest more in quality and information than fancy ads or catalogs. You can search for your favorites and find out if the time of year is right for your area. Want Gladiolus, check this out!

Thank you BloomingBulb! My outdoor thumb is already a little greener.

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I hope you don’t mind if I blog about a blog today. I love finding new sources of information and tips to run a business. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about customer service, especially since I believe it is an important thing to perfect these days. I know one thing for sure, it is more fun to improve our customer service than worry about the economy.

Check out this article and the whole blog for some great stuff!

12 Most Stupendous Ways to ROCK Customer Service

I wrote my first book, Five-Star Customer Service, with one simple premise in mind: you don’t have to charge Ritz-Carlton prices to give Ritz-Carlton service! After all, a sincere smile costs you nothing, but that alone can build you an empire – just ask Chick Fil-A how that type of warmth is working for them as they compete for customers with McWendy King.

No matter what business you’re in, you can make Five-Star Customer Service your calling card as well. Begin with some of the “12 Quick Tips” I share with each of my Five-Star audiences.

Everyone else out there is making the same sloppy mistakes, treating their customers poorly – and setting expectations low. Follow these suggestions and lock your customers in for life.

Remember, Spoiled = Loyal. Spoil your customers with your outstanding customer service.

1. Make your company a H.I.T.

Hire for attitude. Inspire through pride. Train in skills.

In. That. Order.

Remember: you can teach job-skills to anyone with half a brain, as long as their mind is open to learning. Attitude is key. When hiring, start there or suffer the consequences.

2. “It’s not my fault, but it is my problem” – Disney

Don’t take complaints personally. …But do solve them. The buck stops with you, no matter where you land on the org chart.

3. You are always on a job interview

Who’s to say that your client’s dorky intern won’t be your biggest customer three years from now, or your next boss? Give the same unrivaled level of customer service to everyone you meet, all week long.

4. If it works for Stew…

This one is written in stone outside Stew Leonard’s, “The World’s Largest Dairy Store.” If it works for Stew… I’d at least give it a try if I were you.

Rule #1 – The customer is always right
Rule #2 – If the customer is ever wrong, reread Rule #1

Of course customers make mistakes: they’re people, too! But you’ve got to stop thinking like that, or you’ll never provide Five-Star Customer Service. If the customer wants it, your only desire should be to provide it.

Ted Coiné

Ted Coiné is the business heretic at the helm of the Catalyst blog. Author and speaker, futurist, and happily-former CEO, Ted is currently writing his third book, Catalyst, about how business will be done in this exciting new century. Follow him on Twitter and join the conversation on #leadbiz.

To read this article in its entirety, visit it here

The other 8 ways are great too.  I really like the one about not fussing at your customer. If you own a business, focus on this customer service issue. You may not be able to change the economy, but you can change how you view and value your customers.



Did you know that procuring a new customer costs anywhere from 5 to 8 times more than keeping a customer?  If you have a business, you probably already know that. Of course, you need to have a consistent flow of new customers, but your repeat customer base is the real bread and butter.

In the current business arena, where we get bombarded with half -off coupons everyday in our email, our challenge becomes even more apparent. If the work you did last time you serviced any given customer was not exceptional, they won’t think twice about trying someone new who offers a discount.

Not only do your customers want your product or service, they also want to feel appreciated. Feeling unappreciated is one of the main reasons they will look elsewhere. Depending on the size of your customer base, each week choose between 2 and 10 customers to shower with gratitude. Send them a thank you card through snail mail (what a concept these days). If you do quality control by phone, make sure that you also take time to thank them for being such a loyal customer. 

The holiday season provides us with a perfect opportunity to begin making every week


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Where did 2011 go?

Here I am talking about cleaning for the holiday season, but it is that time. Now, if you are really set on washing your own windows, please use a mild degreasant, clean water and a real squeegee. Otherwise, you end up with a mess and streaks. Keep in mind, you might find yourself like this…

If you have never had them done professionally, treat yourself and HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. Over the next month, I will remind you of a few favorites around the US. If I don’t hit your area, request in the comments and I will find you one.

Albuquerque, NM                            MY WINDOW MAN   

Ventura County, CA                      MY WINDOW MAN  

San Diego, CA                                    MY WINDOW MAN  

PENNSYLVANIA                          Noble Window Cleaning

MINNEAPOLIS/ST PAUL            Freedom Cleaning

SOUTHERN CALIF                   PacifiClear Window Cleaning  

This is just a start – I will add more later. Plan ahead, schedule soon.

If you need to dress them up with blinds, shades, curtains or window wallpaper, For Your Windows is ready to serve you online.

And, remember to subscribe to this blog and enter the SEARS $75 giveaway by following the easy entry rules.  











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Do you have some smaller paned windows that need some privacy or color? 

Now you can get our wallpaper for windows in a smaller sizes to accommodate the multi-light windows.

Colorful window tint  from ForYourWindows is easy to apply without any adhesive. If you are hesitant about accurate sizing we offer  a “trim to size”  service too.

Check out all the selections, and have fun!

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Nothing better than a window cleaner who washes window, writes and says it well. Water spots are a hot topic  when it comes to keeping the windows clean in your home. The article below explains it all quite well. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, take care of that glass.

Window Cleaning and Hard Water Stains


For most people their home is their most valuable asset. Every home owner or business owner understands the need to do basic maintenance to upkeep and protect their investment. It is also true that many people view window cleaning more as a luxury then a necessity. The simple fact is that windows in any home or office can only endure a measure of neglect before they will no longer get clean. While professional window cleaning may not be cheap, it makes perfect sense when one understands that your other options are “window restoration work” or “replacing” damaged glass which can cost thousands. Let me explain how this works.

Depending on what state your home or office is in will determine how often you need your windows cleaned. Each state has its own debris and climate which affects windows. I live and work in Santa Cruz CA. which has moderate temperatures but lots of debris. The most damaging hazard of all that exist in almost every state is what is called “Hard water stains.” Hard water stains take place when windows are subject to normal hose water, garden sprinklers and or run-off that gets on the glass. This water has mineral deposits that when left to dry on the window, will stain and even etch the glass. Add direct sunlight to this equation and the damage happens ever faster. A great example of what this looks like would be to consider your shower windows or shower doors if they are glass. They begin to look foggy but eventually they will not get clean without chemicals and a power buffer. This is called “Window restoration work” and can be very costly. If the windows are etched they may need to be replaced.

Some tips that will help you prevent “hard water stains’ damaging your windows would include, avoiding watering your windows when you water your outdoor plants and flowers. If you have sprinklers installed, be sure they are positioned so that they don’t spray your windows. And finally, be sure your rain gutters are not clogged or leaking causing water to run down the side of your house and windows. These simple steps are proven to save windows over time. In the event that hard water stains have already appeared, and hiring a professional window cleaner is not an option, you can purchase a variety of hard water stain removers from any of the leading window cleaning supply stores such as or

The good news is all this can be avoided and for some it may start with this very article. Having been a fulltime professional window cleaner in Santa Cruz CA. since 1999, I know for a fact that having your windows cleaned even once a year can not only increase light in your home, decrees your heating bill by allowing more heat, but also protect your windows from hard water stains. It is also true that as your windows are cleaned regularly even hard water stains from the past will begin to break down.

For additional information and answers about window cleaning, roof, gutter & downspout cleaning or solar panel cleaning visit our website

Marc Kunze/Owner
Pure Light Window & Gutter Cleaning Santa Cruz

And, if you want to dress those clean windows up, check out For Your Windows for blinds, cellular shades, curtains, drapes and solar window shades.

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