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A Fresh Start

Well, it’s about time! And time does pass by quickly, doesn’t it?

Since you are visiting here, feel free to read past posts, but keep in mind the events themselves are from some years gone by. However, I am amazed at how what they stand for is still often similar, a few years later.

Please take note of the new format. It is nowhere near finished, but now there are some great companies that I handpicked to help you enhance your windows. Make sure you visit them to get ideas for decorating your windows, or for changing what you see outside of them.

I have always loved natural light, which is why windows are one of my favorite topics. Come back soon to see how this new format evolves.

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For Your Windows is very happy to announce the winner of our $75 SEARS Gift Card.

Congratulations to Paula who commented on how she would spend the money:

I would spend the money I won on my daughter of course…I never do anything for myself:( Maybe if I win I would spend on myself this time I really need some new clothes…Thanks for the chance.

Paula, please email me at so I can arrange getting you your prize.

I want to thank everyone who participated. Thanks for subscribing and commenting. I hope you revisit often. Please let For Your Windows accommodate your window covering needs in the future.



My last post mentioned that I would be adding new items to For Your Windows. Nope, naked ladies are not the items. However, the Naked Lady aka Spider Lily aka Lycoris Radiata blooms are back outside my windows.

These coral (a favorite color) blooms adorn the fish pond every September. This September I have at least 20 more fishies in the pond, and 3 frogs that I have not seen once since we added them over 2 weeks ago. Won’t it be funny if next year we have bunches of them anyway?

At least, my windows are sparkly clean. Are yours?

New products will be on site soon!

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Today, like yesterday, early evening outside my windows is in black and white.

I wish I could capture the color of the sun in this picture as it actually appears outside. It is fiery orange. But, the rest of the scene is just grayish. Weather report at 7:20, almost an hour before sunset is warm and smoke.

Albuquerque is experiencing the effects of Arizona on fire, and I hear it is reaching as far east as Nebraska.  We can only hope that the many firefighters out there get this under control. Keep them in your thoughts for sure.

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Nothing like sitting in The Parlour Car on Amtrak’s Coast Starlight to make one appreciate the fact that windows can be made to fit. What a way to see the Pacific coast.  There are definitely a lot of naked windows on the train to look out and enjoy the various terrains. We went from the desert in New Mexico to palm trees and beach in California to mountains, snow and tall forests in Oregon.

Now I am officially on vacation. But, that won’t stop me from blogging about windows or anything else that seems to be worth mentioning.

Being in Portland reminds me of when we started our window cleaning company up here. We were always worried about the rain. What we learned later when we moved to drier climates was that customers make a bigger deal about weather when you have less. If it rains it ruins the day, unnecessarily. In Portland, if you stop what you are doing because it is raining, you might as well stop doing anything.




Well, this is just too much fun!  I would love it if Van Morrison cleaned my windows, as long as he sings too!

I know it is time for me to HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. I want my windows clean for the holiday season. If you do not know who is available in your area, comment here and I will find you a good one.

Meanwhile, enjoy the entertainment.

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If you insist on washing your own windows, please use a squeegee and a wetbar. And, the suggestion of using vinegar and wadded up newspapers that you see in a lot of “how to” info is really not a good one.I think this nice lady on the ladder lives in the Reno area. She really should call CalFlex Window Cleaning to clean her windows the right way. They offer other residential services as well to help her maintain her home.

Now, I personally think this window needs dressing up. A pretty curtain from For Your Windows would solve that.

Guess  we got all that handled! 🙂

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The article I am highlighting here today almost leaves me blogless (speechless).

You all know how I feel about my hummers outside my windows. This does not offend me in any way, but I really just do not know how to comment. My hummingbirds offer me so much peace (internal, not in the world)that this really did throw me off. Maybe, my relationship with hummers has become a bit too special. I wonder if it would bother me if it was a wasp, or dragonfly?  Life is interesting.

Future of Warfare

Any comments?, because I have no more to say. I even left in “uncategorized”.

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This blog was born a little over 4 months ago. Wow, how time flies. I had not a clue what I was doing back then, and can honestly say I still have so much to learn. Important thing is I am having a lot of fun!

Over the past few days, I managed to finally check each and every post and make sure it is in the best category, that is other than this post which stands alone in “uncatergorized” because it seems to somehow fit.  It all makes sense to me at this point, but who knows how I will view it next month.

The best part is that now when I highlight a specific type of business it will be under the category for that industry.

If you still think it is scattered, please advise.