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Dear Son,  (my one and only son, and my youngest child)

I know your father taught you how to use a squeegee at an early age, and he might have even put you on a tall ladder once or twice. I do not remember giving you permission to climb up really tall ladders.

And, I know for sure I never suggested jumping off a building that was over half of a story. 

Please  try to look like you are having fun.


Oh, the things we do for clean glass.

Are your windows dirty? Support your local window cleaner.

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Where did March go, and where have I been?

Been busy, been under the weather, been overwhelmed, been lazy, been tongue-tied, been blogless…heck, one excuse really is the same as the other. But, I am back!  I hope you missed me just a little bit anyway.

Spring has sprung, at least in Albuquerque. Window cleaning weather for sure.

How do your windows look? Below is my first list for the season to show you where you can hire a professional.

Albuquerque, NM                            MY WINDOW MAN   

Ventura County, CA                      MY WINDOW MAN  

San Diego, CA                                    MY WINDOW MAN  

PENNSYLVANIA                          Noble Window Cleaning

MINNEAPOLIS/ST PAUL            Freedom Cleaning

SOUTHERN CALIF                   PacifiClear Window Cleaning  

Near Dallas         Clearview 

 Orlando Fla.      Absolute Window Cleaning    

DC and Maryland      We Do Windows

 Minneapolis, MN         Karins Services

Orange County, CA         Grady’s Window Cleaning

Corvallis, Oregon    Beckon Call Window Cleaning

Farmington, Mn     Shine Window Cleaning

Olympia, Wa            All Seasons Window Cleaning

Portland, Ore           See Clearly Window Cleaning

And, remember to think about covering up some windows if needed, either to make’em pretty or keep the sun from heating up the house or damaging anything inside.  For Your Windows is ready to give you some ideas.


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Exactly a year ago, I did a blog post called Regarding February. Well, here we are again. Thank goodness it is almost over, because it is just not my favorite month. However, we are having such a mild winter, I have decided to view it as getting ready for spring.

As a result, I contacted My Window Man here in Albuquerque, which means I talked to Maria who was highlighted in my last post, and I invited them over to make my windows sparkle. Lo and behold, my grandson Hunter, who just celebrated his fifth birthday,  tried his hand at holding a squeegee.

The way time flies it won’t be long until he accompanies his dad more often. Not sure how many he cleaned, but they all look so much better. 

Thanks, My Window Man!

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In a world that changes by the minute it is always nice to experience stick-to-it-iveness at least sometimes. On February 7, 1986, I interviewed Maria to be the nanny for my kids which included two month old twins. She was the best choice, and as an extra bonus she was a twin herself. We lived in California back then, and we were just getting the second My Window Man up and running.

About two years later we sold that company, along with a start up in LA. We invited Maria to move with us to Albuquerque, and she agreed. As our needs changed, Maria blended right into the transitions. This past Tuesday, she celebrated her 26th anniversary.  She now works for our daughter, Stephanie, who was 4 years old when Maria was her nanny. When Stephanie was younger she babysat Maria’s daughter, and that same daughter (Melissa) has put in time babysitting Stephanie’s kids as well.  All of the aforementioned kids feel very comfortable hanging around a My Window Man. Any one of them can wield a phone or a squeegee.

Dedicated employees like Maria do not come around everyday. 

      We appreciate you!

I am not sure it could happen, but I think For Your Windows needs one of you. 

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Whether the weather be fine,

Or whether the weather be not,

Whether the weather be cold,

Or whether the weather be hot,

We’ll weather the weather,

Whatever the weather,

Whether we like it or not.

Author Unknown

I have been rolling up my sleeves lately and working to help schedule work for my favorite window cleaning company here in Albuquerque, My Window Man. It might have just a little to do with the company being owned by family. To get the year started out with a boost we are offering a discount to repeat customers. The weather has been incredible, up until today’s windy presence.  We have had cool, but sunny New Mexico skies – perfect for window cleaning.

That condition does not stop customers from questioning the weather. I get amused when I look at their past notes from May or August and it says, “Call me when it is not so windy” or “I will call you when it is not so hot.” I am pleasant with them of course, but weather is weather whenever.

If you windows are dirty, don’t hesitate to hire a professional to clean them in the winter. Cool crisp winter days look better with clean windows.

And, it is always a good time to check out cheap  discounted window covering at For Your Windows.



Are you ready?

I am!

I am looking forward to opening the window to 2012.  Most people want to lose weight, save money or quit smoking again. Those are all good resolutions for sure. After much thought here are my top decisions for 2012.


1) Be kinder to myself and everyone I meet, know and love.

2) Dress up naked windows that need new coverings by shopping at For Your Windows.

3) Help others keep their windows clean and dressed up as needed.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Happy New Year to all my visitors. Thank you for a great 2011 and please come back often next year.


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I could say I have been trying to thaw out this week. That certainly is what the fish in the pond outside my window have been doing.  The birdies have been walking on the frozen water every morning.

We had some record cold temperatures here in NM this past week.

It has been fun observing the persistence those window washers across the nation have when the weather turns cold and snowy. Trust me, they are all ready and willing to do their job, which is to make your windows sparkle.

Don’t let the weather stop you from getting yours clean for the holidays. Your window washer will appreciate you!

And, if you are missing your hummingbirds like I am, and want to see windows they are still outside of, be sure to check out the  live Phoebe Web Cam in Southern  California. The first babies of the season are fun to watch. One hatched yesterday, and the other just might today, so visit often.



It really is more accurate to call what I am in a “spin.” but that does not rhyme very well with blog.

This past week flew by for sure as I needed to catch up after being gone for ten days. And now, we have the beginning of the holiday season to offer another distraction.

I have been doing a lot of research about how to run a business better, keep overhead down and provide outstanding customer service. As I was realizing I had not blogged for a full week – and that reminded me of how fast time flies – I was also pondering how everything sort of stays the same as it changes.

Okay, let me explain. When we first started a window cleaning business, we used “independent contractors”  that we trained to perform the window cleaning. It did not take long to find out we needed to treat them as employees to meet standards set forth by several government entities. Even though there are ways around that, they all involve either more than a typical window washer wants to confront, or they create a situation that resembles setting up your own competition.

This morning, I was reading an article about why “virtual employees” are better than “freelancers.” Freelancers are in business for themselves and usually work for more than one account.  Virtual employee is a fairly new term – you cannot even find it yet in Wikipedia.  Maybe I should start a description there. 

I wonder how long it will take for aforementioned government entities to have rules about virtual employees? Virtual personal assistants and virtual offices I can see, but the minute you use the word employee, you are right back to the independent contractor issue. The content does not change just because the form did. 

And anyway, can you imagine a virtual window washer?

Sure is nice to have a virtual online store though. Check it out if you have some naked windows begging to be dressed up for the holidays.

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How silly is that! Weather is not the problem. Dirt is.

It does not matter what the weather is doing. The window cleaning weather forecast remains the same everywhere for the next 50 days.

Partly holiday with showers of fun, family and gifts to give. 

Rain or snow really does not dirty the windows, or clean them either. Best bet is to HIRE A PROFESSIONAL for that task.  Now that I have the weather issue out of the way, and you are on your way to improving your outlook on life, I am going to go start learning how to put links and pictures here. This is the first time I have used my new tablet to blog and I have a lot to figure out. Please refer to links on the left to visit other sites.  

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I use the word “copycats” in a positive way for sure. Over 26 years ago, shortly after moving from Portland to Southern California, I hired a young 20 year-old to work in our new My Window Man office in Orange County. I almost lost her at least two times for various reasons. She stuck around, met her future husband – a 20-year old fellow we hired to wash windows- and later opened an office in San Diego. After they were married, they sold that office and moved up to Ventura County. The Oxnard My Window Man has serviced customers for almost 20 years now. 

Their work ethic and dedication paid off for sure!

Our bags are packed, the fridge is full of food for our son who is house-sitting (and even helping with some painting in the kitchen) and the car is fueled up. We are heading out to visit My Window Man in Oxnard. Time to talk about business and family while we eat some great seafood.

While I am gone, I will still blog, and For Your Windows is still open to help you with all your window covering needs.